Month: January 2019

Dietary Supplements: Everything You Need To Know


The requirement for the healthy nutrients that does not come from food is supplemented with the dietary supplements. However, getting the required nutrients from your food is the best way because it promotes better health and reduces the risk of many diseases. When you get the nutrients through food the nutrients get spread in small doses all through the day and this lets the body absorb the nutrients well. The dietary supplement, in turn, offers the dosage in large amounts which may not be readily accepted by the body.

This is why the first thing that one should do is to eat food that is rich in nutrients so that the body gets the required amount of nutrients, however, if there still are some nutritional gaps then you may be advised to have the dietary supplement avis sur phen375.

When are dietary supplements prescribed?

The dietary supplement is beneficial when the body does not get the required nutrients through food. It offers minerals and vitamins that are essential to cure many diseases. The supplements are beneficial for various conditions:

  • Deficiency in vitamins and minerals can be cured by taking dietary supplements
  • For those on a vegetarian diet, the supplements may be essential
  • Pregnancy supplements help to prevent many birth defects and improve the health of the baby
  • With age one may have to add some dietary supplements to make up for the loss of nutrients through diet
  • Some surgeries may make it difficult for some nutrients to get absorbed by the body. This may need one to take dietary supplements.

  • Certain medications could cause deficiencies and this is where you may want to supplement it with dietary supplements


It is important to know that the minerals and vitamins have a maximum level of intake and one needs to take care to not exceed that. The nutrients that are safe and essential for the body could get toxic if their dosage is exceeded.