Month: September 2017

Tips To Make Educational Videos

Youtube Tips

Talk about videos that stand out in the crowd educational videos are definitely on the top. Here are some tips to remember while you make educational videos:

  1. Keep a check on the length:

Lengthy videos are good. But how effective is the time used? That is the question. If you are teaching a one line concept in a video that goes for an hour, it would not make any sense. Make video that is crisp and clear. Start with a brief and catchy introduction. If you wish to gain your viewers’ attention it is the first few seconds that matter the most. It should be catchy and short.

  1. Choose a simple tone:

People connect better with videos with a simple tone. Stick with delivering information that actually matter. People view the videos to make thins simpler on the topic that they are looking for. You should not make things more complicated there.

  1. Understand the audience:

Are you making simple videos for the school students or videos for the students pursuing higher education? The age of the audience, the demographics would all determine the content and the style of your video. You should understand what your audience would already know and what they would wish to learn.

  1. Humor rules:

Witty videos, those that maintain a subtle sense of humor would be the ones that actually draw people’s attention. Smaller children for example like videos that are funny. Choose a fun play way method to educate. This in fact applies to people of all age groups.

  1. Keep it practical:

Choose content that would involve the audience to get down and do something. Practical videos talking about concepts that can actually be applied in real life would be the ones that are better accepted. Include simple examples and experiments for the audience to feel the need to keep coming back for more.

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